We love working with buyers and sellers, and we want you to feel prepared and confident in your broker that you decide to use! That is why we decided to make a list of the top three things that will help you get ahead, and that will help your buyers agent tailor your home search to exactly what you want and need in your next home!

Tip #1

Colorado is an amazing place, with so many amazing cities and neighborhoods! Do you have a target area? We suggest before sitting down with a broker that you have a few “locations” in mind! This is the fun part – explore Colorado with your family, be a tourist in your own town! What is your ideal location, commute, and school district? Obviously this is not set in stone, but if you have a general area, we can help you pinpoint a few potential homes to start!

Tip #2

Get pre-qualified! Not sure what price range to be looking in? Getting pre-qualified helps find not only that, but also gets you ahead in the home search in case you find “the one” and want to make an offer! Our market might be cooling off, but there are still situations where bidding wars can happen. Having a good idea of where your finances play into your home search can really help your broker find a home that works for you & your family!

Tip #3

Make a list of non-negotiables that you cannot live without in your next home. Again, this is another fun part of starting the home search. Think of this as your wish list, or what you cannot live without! What do you see in your next home? A bedroom for each family member? An amazing backyard? Maybe you just see yourself having a dedicated space for an office! Whatever you’re looking for, put it in writing! We love when our buyers come to use with exactly what they want!

Even if you don’t get these things done, you are more than welcome to meet with one of our agents! We love helping you connect the dots, and discover different potential features in a home. Get in touch with our contact form on this page.

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